Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jury duty...

I was supposed to have jury duty today. I was looking forward to it. Whenever you tell anyone you have to go, they make weird sounds and tell you how sorry they are; and they offer advice, like, bring a book.

Well, I like it. I want to get a trial one day. But even not getting one, I still like it. Sure, you have to read and do puzzles and wait a lot. But it's my civic duty. I was even thinking about volunteering at some point. But I got another summons instead. My husband says they like housewives who don't have anything else to do, so maybe I'll get another summons soon.

But I called last night and they told me not to come. So I guess I have to do my normal things today.

I realized why I had that dream about my old cat Tiger. I needed new spoons. Seriously. We always seem to run out of spoons before the next batch is clean. So I went to the Walmart to get some more spoons. I was reminded of having to get more spoons when Tiger was getting old.

The vet said her jaw was very weak and she had to eat moist cat food. I don't even want to go into the logistics of feeding one old batty cat moist food while trying to feed three fat cats dry. Please.

Anyway, we never had enough spoons then because not only did Tiger have to eat moist, she had to eat about four times a day. She was really tiny and couldn't eat much in one sitting. So I needed some extra spoons.

I found these cheap, thin, metal spoons at Walmart and they became known as the cat spoons or Tiger spoons and no one wanted to use them for anything. I, personally, wouldn't want to use them because they were crappy. But the boys didn't want to use them because they were used for cat food, even though they went through the dishwasher every day.

So, there I was in the Walmart looking at spoons with my son and husband and we all remembered the crappy Tiger spoons. And then that night, I dreamed about Tiger. In some ways I miss that chatty old pain in the ass.

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