Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bored, bored, bored...

Well, now that I've quit most everything and flagged most of the email I get as junk, I really have nothing left to do in the mornings. I guess it's time (already!) for a new change. It's time to turn on the laptop in my office in the mornings, instead of my PC out here in the computer room.

I'll eat my breakfast while doing my morning blogs or just jumping into writing for the day. Why not? There's no point in sitting out there in the main room staring at facebook (which, let's face it, has become more frustrating than illuminating in all respects).

I've never considered myself a morning person. It's one o'clock in the afternoon now and I had to force myself to blog. But I'm blogging. Who knows what might emerge from my half-asleep brain at eight in the  morning? I will have to give it a try.

I looked into taking an online workshop with Writer's Digest University. I was interested in one on writing sci/fi and fantasy. But I didn't like the idea of writing assignments. I want to write what I want to write, not an assignment. (I understand the problem some designers have while on Project Runway. I mean, I can see the creative education a person can get from designing a look using only items bought in a pet store...on the other hand, I can see where a designer--already a creative individual--would like to just get on with his collection. But they signed up for it. And I've really digressed.)

So, anyway, my husband asked if I wanted to take the class just to get out of writing and I thought he had a good point. I decided to check into buying the textbook instead. And while I was looking at it and all the other books Amazon recommends, it occurred to me that Writer's Digest books are really just recycling all the stuff I already know into more books for me to read to keep from writing.

So, I decided to blog before I go to the doctor about my hurt foot. And when I come home, I will have to try to plant my butt in the chair in my office and do some writing.

My Outline 4D program should arrive on Friday and I'm looking forward to getting into it and working on planning a bit more for my projects. Woot. That is all, Florida.

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