Monday, September 12, 2011

I hate it when the Bible is right...

Two things from the Bible today. (And yes, I did totally link to Wikipedia just in case you didn't know what I was talking about.)

One: It is done. (Paraphrased from John 19:30) It's probably sacrilegious to use that; but I'm not religious, so for me, it's just this saying that came to mind today when I made a very difficult decision and executed it. (Ha. I said execute and I'm talking about Jesus. Too funny.)

And the second thing: You can't serve two masters. From Matthew 6:24. Except Matthew was talking about God and money and I'm talking about writing and Zumba, which, in a way, maybe, are the same as God and money. Except not "God" with a capital G, but "god," as in the greatest thing ever!

So, here I am. Ready to commit to writing full time--immersing myself in the writing life as I've tried to do so many times before. But let's face it. Zumba has crippled me (I hope not for life because I don't want to live with this pain's depressing.). So what choice do I have? I might as well just be a writer like I always wanted.

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