Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, now what?

Okay, so...Zumba quit. Frontierville quit. Facebook time extremely minimized (used only for trolling for links to be used for my websites and Examiner). Blogging begun in earnest. Signed up for Writer's Digest Webinar on writing for children. (It's always good to start out by spending money.) Need to clean out my office. And then the hard part. The part about actually writing. Producing words on paper/screen every day.

Blogging words don't count, unfortunately. If I could make a living and be widely read as a blogger, I still don't think I'd be satisfied. Examiner writing doesn't count either, though I am determined to get that started up again (I have a lot of frustrations that can only be exorcised through rants on my Examiner pages).

Only fiction writing counts. Daily. Words. Daily on the screen.

I found counting words, some time ago, to be a tedious exercise. But I may have to do something like that, just to make sure I'm working.

Luckily I have some frustrations of the sort not suitable for Examiner that can propel my fiction. Happy writers are dull writers, in my opinion.

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