Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well, that didn't work out as planned...

I got up and I did actually turn on the laptop in my office. But I also turned on the PC in the computer room. And I sat at the PC all morning. I guess my excuse was that I was going to the college today so I could write there.

As usual, I read a lot of news stories trying to come up with some inspiration to write an Examiner article. The good news is that Examiner has lifted the oppressive "local" criterion for local Examiners. Now I can write about anything related to my topic no matter where it's focus is.

So, clearly, deciding to go ahead and check my emails in the morning is not a good idea. But how to get into the fiction mood so early in the morning? It's all just a matter of habit. Trying to create a new one feels a lot harder than undoing an old one.

I suppose I should see that first tiny step of turning on the laptop as progress. Grasping, pitiful, miniscule progress.

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