Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I got my hair cut yesterday. Whacked might be a better description. It was very long. The only reason I had long hair was because of Zumba. When I think about it, it's so stupid.

Zumba has this rock star thing going on about it. Zumba instructors are like party hosts. They're stupposed to face the class, hoot and holler, pump them up, and dress the part. Long, wild hair is good. Make-up is great! Jewelry even better.

I just never could do it. I couldn't face the class, to begin with. I'd been in Zumba classes where the instructor faced the class and it was awful. Not only did I (an experienced dancer) have trouble following the leader, but I witnessed new students give up in frustration.

It takes real talent to face the class and know when to turn your back to demonstrate a particularly challenging move. And I've seen few instructors with that talent.

Back to the hair. I let my hair grow long and permed the top layer so it would be ringlet-y all over. But I never wore it down for class. (Well, once, just to see if I liked it and I did not.) I wore it down for most of the Zumba Instructors' Convention, but I was just showing off.

It's a workout, you know. They don't like to talk about it, but it is. You sweat. A lot. I never understood why someone would show up in full make-up and regalia for a workout. But, I've always been of a more practical nature.

So I go in and there's this wonderfully attractive stylist with nice hair. It's always a plus when it looks like your stylist cares about how she looks. This one, Christina, had thick, straight, blonde (?) hair cut into something of a bob, shorter in the back, longer in the front. Very cute!

And she's playing with my hair and I'm telling her I want it just above my shoulders and she says, "It'll curl up as it dries, won't it." And I said yes, indeed. So, she gave me her bob, basically. It's SHORT! But I told her I wouldn't scream if it was too short and she took me at my word. It's SHORT!

And it's shorter in the back and longer in the front, which is sort of weird for a purist such as myself. I I stylish enough for this do?

And then there's the problem of my enormous face. I'd forgotten about it, you know, after all this time of it being somewhat minimized by the long hair...except that I most often pulled it back into a tail. Funny, with my hair pulled back, my face doesn't look so god-awful huge. But with this short do, cut right about chin-level, it jumps out at you like a pumpkin. A square-jawed jack-o-lantern.

Which reminds me it's nearly October. My middle kid already requested candy corn and couldn't wait for me to go to the store; he brought home two bags of it himself. (I always tell him he's an adult with a car...hello!) Okay, okay, back to writing...

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