Monday, October 24, 2011

Best and worst in television advertising

Here are some of the best commercials on television:
Edith and Ellen and the Walgreens flu shot. Those ladies are adorable.
Guy gets unlimited messaging from AT&T, wife not happy. The writing on this one is fabulous. And the acting--spot on.
The little Darth Vader who starts up the Volkswagon with his Vader powers. Too cute.
Truvia pig, where the girl manages to eat the dessert before hubby can get to the table to share it. The singing and the song are awful, but the imagery is hilarious. Well, okay, the part in the song about sugar making my butt fat is funny.
Spanish makes everything sound more intriguing--the Khalua ad. Love, love, love. I was glad to see it again last night after a long while.
And one of the best baby ads is "short and bald" where the woman always thought she'd go for tall, dark and handsome. But having a baby changes everything. From Johnson and Johnson.
Time out is fabulous, of course, but so are ALL of those eTrade ads.

It's ads like these that make television watching enjoyable.

Then, of course, we have the awful ads that make us cringe and look away.
Any Old Navy ad these days is torture. The singing is stupid; the song is stupid; the entire look of the commerical is stupid. Please make them stop.
Any Old Spice commercial is just too stupid to bear. The latest, with the sea captain punching the octopus on his shoulder. Please.
And even worse is the dudes with big hats for Dish Network's Blockbuster Movie Pass. OMG. I can't even watch it anymore.
As for kids, the Snickers commercial with the kids in costume loading bags of Snickers into a weirded-out woman's cart. Awful. Freaky. Please don't show it again next Halloween.

Ugh. Now I feel awful. I should have ended with the good commercials to start my day off right.

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