Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to cut the cheese

Now that I think about it, I haven't heard the "cut the cheese" reference in ages.

The American Cheese Society has declared October to be American Cheese Month.

Naturally when I first read that I was thinking, wha? You want us to eat American cheese all month? And I started considering its uses. I like a good slice on a hamburger. And I like it in grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe on a ham and cheese sandwich (though I prefer this new super spicy pepper jack). That's about it, other than folding it and breaking it into squares and eating it on saltines, which is really very good. And it has to be saltines, not only because they're the perfect size and shape, but because Ritz Crackers just don't go with American cheese. Too buttery, I think.

But apparently, there are lots of different kinds of American cheeses and the ACS doesn't exactly mean "American cheese" so much as they mean cheeses that are made right here, by Americans. So, for instance, a locally or homemade mozzarella counts.

Seems a little like a cheat, if you ask me, but I see where they're coming from.

Robin Shreeves, whose tag line, "stay-at-home mom blogs about finding eco-friendly food options," sounds like the pitch for a movie on Disney Channel, offers us ten things we van do to celebrate American Cheese Month.

Besides the already mentioned making of mozzarella, because it's the easiest to make and let's face it, who wants to make his own cheese?, she lists options such as eating a lot of cheese, especially locally-made cheeses; visiting a local cheesemaker--like there's one around the corner here on the Space Coast; ordering cheese for dessert--yeah...right; trying goat milk or sheep milk cheeses; and best of all, visiting cheese blogs.

Apparently Culinary Arts College has a list of the 50 best cheese blogs. Are you kidding me? How many cheese blogs could there be? Just the fact that there's an American Cheese Society is crazy enough.

Lastly Shreeves suggests we "build a better grilled cheese sandwich" and links to a site where they have butchered and adulterated the venerable staple of American childhood beyond recognition.

What is wrong with the world these days?

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