Monday, October 10, 2011

Trailer park favorite things: Pajama Jeans

I'm going to talk about my Pajama Jeans in a minute, but first, I have tell all the people who aren't reading this blog about a rejection letter I just got in the mail.

I was surprised to get it. I didn't even know I still had any manuscripts out. This one was for a YA novel I wrote about zombies and vampires. It's a silly book, I admit. But it's supposed to be silly and I had a lot of fun writing it.

So, I get this rejection letter, in which the editor says:
I read your manuscript with interest, and while I'm sorry to say that this particular piece isn't right for our list here at ****, I did enjoy your writing and would be glad to look at other work from you in the future. It is with regret that I am passing on this project.
And there was a second paragraph saying pretty much the same thing, which I have decided to interpret as the editor just really, really meaning it.

I am beaming. And what's more, I'm so happy she said "in the future." It's almost like she's saying, look, I understand if you aren't the most disciplined writer in the world and you don't have a dozen other projects to send me right now. But I'll wait for you to finish something.

This couldn't have come at a better time. I think I made all the right decisions recently to get me to this place. But now I have so much work to do and so little discipline.

You really want to know about the Pajama Jeans, don't you? Well, if I were the trailer park Oprah, Pajama Jeans would be on my list of favorite things.

The television ad does not do them justice at all. In the ad, they look too short, and a bit stiff...and the pockets look a bit low on the buttock-ulus. But in real life, they are soft, supple, and drape beautifully.

If you want them really snug and form-fitting, get the closest to your size. The waist band, though it does have a little pink flat rope to tighten it up, is not that stretchy. You'll have to gently work them over your thighs and hips, if you're a shapely girl like me.

I bought a size up for a looser look that more befits a fifty-year-old woman (soon, my dears, very soon). Hemming them was not so awful in retrospect.

Speaking of hemming, I wish I was a man sometimes. Guys have two or three pairs of shoes and miraculously they're all the same heel height. My husband has a work pair for mowing, a daily pair of sneaker types, and some dress shoes for those rare occasions. I, on the other hand, being a woman who does not like to shop and doesn't like to accumulate too much, have thirty-one pairs of shoes (with three new pairs on the way making it 34)*, if I counted correctly**. And you can bet they run the gamut from flats to high heels.

So, I hemmed my Pajama Jeans for my flats and purchased another pair to hem for a slightly higher heel. What a total pain. Even if I declared that I was going to wear only flats, the chances that all my flats would work perfectly with one hem length is slight.

Women's shoes are almost as frustrating as women's clothing sizes. How can I go to the store in a pair of 8-10's and have to purchase 14's of some other brand, a ten in another, and a twelve somewhere else. Can't I just get a waist measurement?

(And of course, as I type that and cringe, I understand perfectly well why clothing manufacturers don't size women's clothing that way. I mean, imagine shopping in one of those discount stores, like Ross, where they put all their clothes on long racks sorted by size and you have to stand over there at the 36" rack, thinking, yes, yes, I know the song says that's supposed to be my bust size, but try to think of it as a benefit...cause the boobs are all that much more humongous!)

*Now that I've hurt my foot and found out I have flexible flat feet, I'm buying some new shoes with arch support. It's not easy finding cute orthopedic shoes. And they don't come cheap. Well, if you are used to paying $200 a pair, these might be cheap to you.

And look what I got to wear with my Pajama Jeans around the trailer park.

**It turns our I did not count correctly; I found another rack of shoes in the closet, adding ten more pairs. Unfortunately, some of the shoes are going to have to go, now that I'm pampering my feet with arch support soles.

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