Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you kidding me?

I talk to crazy people now and then. And you know how, when you do that, you sometimes pause, and you think...am I the crazy one here? And sometimes you have to reread all of the conversation if you're lucky enough to have had it in writing. And most of the time, if not always, you accept the fact that you are not crazy. Anyway, I didn't even have to pause yesterday.

In a private forum, which will remain nameless because it just doesn't matter (and anyway they get all pissy when you diss their delusions of Zumba Love and Zumba Family), someone posted a complaint, and boy was he upset.

Rightfully so. He happened upon a conversation on Facebook (that bastion of moderation and maturity) in which certain persons were trashing him. Called him a wanker and a tosser. So right there you know they're British.

If someone called me a wanker and a tosser, I wouldn't know what they were saying so I wouldn't take it so hard. But this guy must have known that these words are very bad indeed. And he was upset. Unfortunately, for me, he mentioned that he thought this behavior on the part of the name-callers (assuming those were names...it's British after all--a foreign language) might be illegal.

Well, wait up there a minute. You know I'm going to have to say something there, right?

So, all these people go on and on about how awful said Brits were, how immature, what middle-schoolers, clearly they are "haters," they're jealous, blah blah blah. All the psycho-analyzing that goes on when people act like people is laughable. And all the rationalization to make the hurt party feel superior: "You're just so much better than they are. That's undoubtedly why they think you're a wanker."

Right. Right. What's with that? It's almost as if we should never listen to anything remotely critical of ourselves. Not one person commented to the guy saying, well, yeah, you are something of a wanker. Or at least said, why don't you take this opportunity to examiner your behavior. Maybe the Brits are on to something, dude.

But no. Everybody jumps on the bandwagon to tell the little pisser he's gawd's gift to Zumba and the Brits are evil incarnate. I'm not saying he's a tosser mind you. I don't know the little guy.

The truth is people often talk trash about other people, especially when they don't like them. This doesn't make them immature, or jealous, or "haters." It makes them normal. Look at me. I'm talking trash right now, or fixing to. And I'm no hater. I just like talking trash. I don't do it to assuage my ego or make myself feel better. I do it because it needs to be done. If no one calls stupid stupid, not only does stupid think it's smart, but other people do too.

And hey, maybe wankers and tossers need to be pointed out. Maybe it's a sort of "don't let this happen to you" sort of thing. I'm just saying, if no one ever called anyone a wanker and a tosser, how would we know what one looks like?

Anyway, so I say, "dude, I'm sorry you're hurt and all, but people have the right to express their opinions of other people."

Okay, I didn't really say dude. But the second clause is exactly what I said. Then I said stuff I thought might be helpful. You know, like, get over it already. That kind of thing.

Anyway, this crazy woman named Annette had the gall to respond to me with this: "I so disagree with your comment that people have the right to express their opinions about other people. What right does a person have to hurt another person....publicly? I can't and won't even continue with this kind of discussion."

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? I swear to gawd I did not truly realize there were people this insane on the planet.

But it's all starting to make sense now. Some of the thread went toward calling the Brits bullies and their behavior bullying. I noted that, because the conversation wasn't sent to the complainer and the words weren't said to him and he wasn't meant to see them, it wasn't bullying.

Anyway, there's more to it. So, we all (me and my little family here, you know, the only people who understand me) got a laugh out of the way she said she wouldn't continue this kind of discussion when she started the discussion by responding to me.

So I wrote back with this: "Seriously, Annette? If we don't have the right to express our personal opinions about other people in public, what sort of criminal penalty do you propose? Sheesh... I have the right to say things that hurt you. Get over it."

To which she, the lady who believes we do not have the right to express our opinions about, or hurt, other people publicly, responded: "It is hard to have an intelligent discussion with a person who can't see past their own nose."

I should have responded with "you got that right." But the problem with stupid people is that they don't know they're stupid and well, they're stupid. So they don't get sarcastic jokes at all.

She also said something completely insane: "Do you really have to have a criminal penalty imposed to treat someone with compassion? I'm out of here....not worth my time or energy."

And I'm like, what the fuck? What? Clearly the woman is an idiot, incapable of having a conversation at all.
I'm still so baffled by this experience it's silly.

But as I was saying, this is actually part of what the whole anti-bullying crusade is all about. There are, apparently, people who believe we need laws to ensure that we are all nice to each other in public. Nothing may be said on Faceobook or any public forum, including the in-person public forums, that is hurtful.

Because gawd forbid, someone could get their feelings hurt. And when that happens, sometimes people kill themselves. So we must stop it at all costs.

I have to admit I was suspicious that the anti-bullying thing was going that far, but I tried not to believe it. Now I'm going to be ever more vigilant. I'll stick my nose around and see what other lunatics are out there claiming we don't have the right to say hurtful things about people.

Insane. Completly, fucking insane.

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