Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zales sees women as prostitutes

Check out the Zales commercial I've been seeing on television lately.

The camera pans along the floor. We see a jewelry gift box and clothes strewn all about. Then a leggy woman closes the bedroom door.
"The only thing better than giving her a diamond, is surprising her with one."

Why? Because she'll have sex with you, that's why.

So, basically Zales is telling you that women will prostitute themselves for gifts. If you just give her some diamonds, you'll get some sex. But if you surprise her with diamonds, you're going to get some RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW.

This is the same shot they used last year, but this time with the full voice over instead of a song. In last year's, the voice over says at the end, "This is your moment."

Because you gave her diamonds. So now she'll have sex with you.

In Zales' world--and unfortunately they're playing into the mindset of too many men--women don't have sex with you because they want to or because they love you. They have sex with you because you give them things. You take them to dinner; you buy them little gifts, send them flowers and chocolates. Want really great sex? Well, you have to give her a really great gift.

Zales knows that all women get really, really turned on by diamonds. Women are essentially prostitutes.

So, if you want sex, give your girl some ice.


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  1. if somebody gave me a diamond i'd at least blow them. diamonds are expensive!