Saturday, December 8, 2012

That's not art...and I know it when I see it...

What To Do When The Bus Doesn't Come And You Want To Scream. An Experiment

Apparently, Fra.Biancoshock, a "conceptual artist," decided to put sheets of bubble wrap at bus stops and call it "Antistress for free."

This is a wonderful joke to play on people; it would be a wonderful investment for a bus line. But it's not art.

Art is when you draw or paint a picture, or sculpt a statue, or maybe even dance, or sing. Taking beautiful pictures can be art.

Art requires something we like to call talent. But maybe we don't like to say that art takes talent anymore. Because if art takes talent, then maybe not everyone could be an artist. And that just wouldn't be fair.

Everyone should get to call himself an artist if he wants to...apparently. Even Fra.Biancoshock who doesn't even have a real name.

You can call the "let-me-just-do-this-stupid-thing-and-call-it-art" art if you want.

But the reality of it is, and always will be, that art is absolutely not putting sheets of bubble wrap at the bus stop and then taking pictures of people using it.

Art is not sending models running through a museum. Art is not lights going off and on in an empty room. And art is not a banana rotting on a window sill.

It's not art. Get over yourselves.

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