Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I made it all by myself! Sewing favorite tees...

I think I may have finally created a t-shirt pattern that works for me! I used my favorite tee, copied it twice, because I wasn't happy with the first time. Made one. Messed it up royally. Tweaked the pattern. And then made this:

I think I've finally got the pattern down. Now I need to make more! I need tees. 

Also, I used my coverstitch machine (in background) to do the hems and it worked like a charm. Well, okay, the first time I did it, I forgot how to remove the fabric and tie off the end so it wouldn't unravel. So, I had to remove the entire hem and do it again. (And while it did unravel a bit while I was trying to figure out how to make it not, it didn't unravel easily at all when I had to remove it. Figures.)

Here's some up close shots of the hems.

That's what it looks like on the wrong side--and it stretches. Perfect for knits. And then what it looks like on the right side.

Same for the sleeves. And a pic of the neckline. Can you tell I'm proud of my work?

It just really feels good to make something that I can actually wear and feel like I did a good job.

Here are some fabrics I'm going to try next:

The blue is a sturdy knit that I won't have any trouble with. But the pink stripe is very thin. I'll try using the coverstitch machine on a sample, but I'm not sure about it. My first try, the one that turned out awful, had to be stabilized so that the machine wouldn't chew it up. It was fine and slinky too. 

In the end, it got eaten and I ripped it trying to get it out of the machine. I'm sure it was my fault. Anyway, I tried to fix it, but it ended up too short. So I tried to fix it again by adding a ruffle. I just didn't like it. Live and learn.

I don't tend to go for horizontal stripes across my chest. But I got all this cheap fabric when Hancock went out of business last year. So, dang it all, I'm going for it.

Oh, well, that's all. Happy sewing!

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