Thursday, January 18, 2018

Instagram is making crazy people crazier...


I recently read an article (not this one, but this was the only one I could find in the time I was willing to spend looking) about Instagram filters and the way they are probably contributing to mass insanity...or something along those lines. It seems that people taking pictures of themselves using these filters (like, mirror image...?) look really good and then they see themselves without filters and feel like crap. Basically. That was the gist.

And there was a quote about people who "document themselves" several times a day.

And my thought was, what the hell?

People are taking pictures of themselves, several times a day. And we're supposed to worry about filters making them crazy? I wondered what people so desperately in love with themselves did back in the day, when they couldn't get the instant gratification of a selfie posted on social media. I can't recall...although, there was one girl who spent an inordinate amount of time looking into her compact mirror during class in high school.

Wonder what she's doing now.

Anyway, I guess I don't get Instagram at all. Much less the selfie thing. The article did also state that when these selfie people took pictures with their iPhones, they looked really awful. I can attest to that. I have tried to take selfies with my iPhone. Maybe this is what has put me off selfies in general. Who knows.

As an aside, I heard on that show Food: Fact or Fiction, that photogs back in the early days had people say "prunes" instead of "cheese" because back in the day, a lot of people had really bad teeth, if they had teeth at all. Nobody wanted cheese pics back then! That made me think about all the prune-y selfies people take now. I'm just going to assume from now on that people who pout in selfies have missing teeth.

But the thing that gets me most is that people are spending so much time taking pictures with their phones and posting them to Instagram. And they're outside a lot. When I'm outside, I take pictures with a real camera. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to get those pictures onto my phone or iPad so that I can post them to Instagram? (Instagram doesn't want people posting from their computers. That's  not cool, I guess.) It's stupidly complex. Something just isn't right with my Apple connections, I guess.

So, I'm left with taking pictures around the house and yard to post on Instagram. Stuff like this:

That's Squeakers sleeping on some fabric that I'm making a long coat out of. It was once my king sized comforter. (Shhh. Don't tell.) Instagram likes cats, but the pictures I usually see are a tad more professional than mine.

Books on my bookshelf. That's a good picture. I think I'll actually post this one. I have a lot of bookshelves, so I might get a few months worth of posts just with that.

Toilet tissue. It's artistic, see? I might post this one, just to throw people off. Make them wonder if I'm sane.

Bird poster. This could be a violation of copyright. But when you're something of a recluse, your options are severely limited.

I like textures and patterns. They have hashtags for those things so other people post pictures of this nature also. And while I do try to get in a lot of pictures when I travel to hotels (great places for textures), I don't travel often enough to keep my Instagram page interesting. So, I'm left with taking pictures of our keyboard and spots on the carpet.

Blinds are always a good topic because they look different at different times of the day.

The problem with hanging out at home and posting pictures from around the house, though, is that, well, I'm a slob. People who post pictures and videos of themselves at home...those people are clean. I can't take a video of my cat doing something funny because my filthy house is in the background.

What I'm saying is that my options are limited.

I'm not doing life right.

I'm not with the cool kids.

Ok. You want a selfie? I'll give you a selfie.

No filters. No make up. Just a big ole' eyeball. I think it's my best eye, too.

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