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There it was...on Facebook. The call. Who, it asked, was in charge of planning the Class of '79 forty year reunion?

Strangely enough, my first thought was, "Didn't we already have the 40th reunion?" So, my second thought, "Are we that old?" doesn't really apply. Apparently I thought we were even older than we are.

So there it is. Next year, 2019, it will be forty years after I graduated from Titusville High School. Ah, memories... Hmph.

I do have some memories that are...funny, I suppose. I had the coolest pair of peach-colored bell-bottoms. Huge bells! HUGE! God, I miss those pants. And the tiny little body that fit into them. I got crapped on by a bird flying overhead one time and the dookie ran down the back of my hair. That was nice. I cried during school. A few times. I got yelled at by a teacher for writing "EAT ME" on the blackboard, really, really big. (I didn't understand why it was a bad thing to do. I guess I saw Animal House but just didn't get it.)

Our Spanish teacher ordered a banner with the mascot on it, the THS Terrier--grrrrrr!--and got a Scotty instead.

The Fightin' Scotties!
Paddi, by La Sequencia at Flickr

I didn't see that; she just told us about it. And one time, the club I was in was having a practice for our homecoming skit at Riverview so I went to the school, because the old section was called Riverview--it was originally Riverview Elementary--but they meant [the newer] Riverview Elementary, which I didn't even know existed. So, I didn't make it, obviously.

High School was just plain weird. And the reunions aren't much different. There you are, older, wiser, wondering what the hell that was all about. And there they are, still the same, it seems. Still the cliques of popular girls. The studs who are now fat and bald but think they're still studs. The nerds who are now doctors and the potheads...still chill. But everyone is really nice. And they've probably changed as much as I have and look at me thinking I'm still the same.

And every year the poster with the pictures of dead grads gets more and more populated.

Honestly, I think I go to the reunions just to show people that I survived.

Anyway, 1979 was an okay year. We killed disco that year with My Sharona.

There was a school shooting in San Diego, early in 1979, and I was hoping I could say it was, like, the first one ever in the US. wasn't. Dear lord was it NOT the first. The first school shooting was in the 1700s. Shit you not. Then there's a long list for the 1800s. Then a list for 1900-1930. After that, it goes by decade. When you get to 2000, you can see the historians were exhausted and stopped listing every single one. Now they just list how many people died in school shootings each year. Shit.

See for yourself at the History of School Shootings in the US.

Anyway, Voyager photos revealed Jupiter's rings in 1979. We got our first Space Shuttle, Columbia, that year. The Happy Meal was introduced. Of course, we had the Unabomber too. Oh, and the Susan B. Anthony silver dollar! I had one. I probably don't anymore. OMG. Off the Wall came out in 1979. It was excellent! Every song a winner.

Jimmy Carter was president. Man, what a sweet guy he was/is. Such a good, honest man. But we had the Iran Hostage Crisis, too.

Okay, so, just to make myself feel really, really old, get this: Chris Pratt was born in 1979!

In 1979, we had soap operas on tv all afternoon. I miss that. We had Eight is Enough, Laverne & Shirley, [Can you believe Lenny is doing that Food: Fact or Fiction show now?] The Love Boat. [I just saw Doc on The Last Sharknado!] Things were so...simple and stupid back then. Lou Grant. Wonder Woman. M*A*S*H.

And movies! The Amityville Horror. The Jerk. The Muppet Movie. And well, Roller Boogie. Maybe not the best year in film. I still haven't seen the Oscar films: All That Jazz, Apocalypse Now, Breaking Away, and Norma Rae. I don't even know what Breaking Away is. I never saw Kramer vs. Kramer, either.

Speaking of Apocalypse Now, did you read about Trump arguing with representatives of Veterans Affairs over whether the film featured Agent Orange or Napalm. What a tool.

Yeah, so. Meh. I graduated high school in 1979. It was an okay year. My hometown is stagnant, if you ask me. But it was an okay place to grow up, I suppose.

I think the best thing about 1979 is the song, 1979. Seriously, one epic song.

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