Sunday, September 23, 2012

The funniest family on tv...

It's another crazy commercial roundup!

First, somebody please stop those "Boots for Fall" commercials. Their spokeswoman has the most annoying, whiny, nasal voice I've ever heard and I can't stand it anymore.  (You can see one with a little bit of the whine here, but it's nothing next to the latest, "boots, boots, and more boots.") I'm to the point where I have to mute the television when I see the ad start.

What were they thinking? Please make it stop!

Next we have Subaru's Take Your Daughter to Work ad. I know they didn't mean to imply that mom's little helper was not her daughter at all, but her Subaru. But that's pretty much what the commercial says. Every time I hear the mom's voice over, "Every mom needs a little helper, that's why I got a Subaru," I think of the little girl in the back seat and say, "Oh, snap!"

And finally, it's the Sprint "Say no to Sharing" ad with the funniest family in television. I'd like to see a full-length feature film starring this family! Somebody make it happen.