Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Allstate Insurance thinks women are stupid

Allstate insurance thinks woman are incapable of reasoning. How else to explain this Allstate Bonus Check ad.

Interior. Cafe. Man and woman at a table having lunch.

Pert little woman: Remember when you said men are superior drivers?
Young, confused-looking man: Yeah.
Woman: Yeah, then, how did I get this--
Booming Allstate dude voice: --ALLSTATE BONUS CHECK--
Little woman: So weird, right?

[At this point, confused guy ought to say, "hell yeah, that was weird. Where did that freaky voice come from?" But instead he just looks more confused.]

She explains that her agent told her that "only Allstate sends a bonus check for every six months you're accident free."

Perky little woman in sarcastic tone: But I'm a woman. Maybe it's a misprint. Does it look like a misprint?

She pushes the check in confused dude's face and when he tries to explain that her being accident free for six months in no way proves that men are not superior drivers to women, she barks at him.

Little woman: Silence.

And the dude shuts up--like all television men are supposed to do when television women speak.

So, in essence, perky little sarcastic woman has only proven two things. One, she can't reason logically. And two, she treats her boyfriend like a child.


  1. Glad to see that others are nailing the stupidity of this commercial. I hate this commercial for the very reasons given. It's the worst commercial on the air right now, because that woman is so stupid to think that just because she's an exception to the rule makes the whole rule bogus. She's the bogus one, and the commercial insults the intelligence of the viewers every damn time it's shown.

  2. I feel your pain, Victor! Sometimes, I have to change channels during commercials. :)